Lack of awareness amongst doctors about the lifelong gut issues caused by antibiotics

While the medical world is starting to establish the connection between the gut and the brain, there is still not enough awareness  when it comes to the damage antibiotics can cause to the gut, especially for young infants.

Dr Martin Blases published an article in 2011 that studied the potentially dangerous long-term consequences that can come from the extensive use of antibiotics.

Ever since, dieticians and nutritionist have gathered more evidence supporting this theory, but there is still a great lack of support from doctors for their recommended recovery treatments.

Jackie Morgan is founder of Well Hub Nutrition and specialises in nutritional medicine, which is an extensive form of healing that views diet for its therapeutic potential.


Ms Morgan sees many patients with poor functioning digestive systems and gut issues in her clinic, which in many cases can be traced back to the use of antibiotics or anaesthetics.

It all starts with the gut’s microbiome, which  is a collection of  intestinal bacteria that are protected by the gut.

Through extensive research scientists have established that  microbiome play a big part in psychology, immune function and metabolism and an imbalance in the microbiome has been linked to many digestive issues.

“The use of antibiotics breaks down our gut lining and leaves our intestinal bacteria exposed, which leads to the intestinal bacteria being broken down and destroyed.

“The unfortunate things is that antibiotics destroy all bacteria, not just bad and poor bacteria,” Ms Morgan says.

The reason that these effects are more severe in young infants than adults lies with the fact that strong intestinal gut bacteria are not completely built until the age of five.

“So it means that the smallest changes in the gut environment can cause the biggest damages at those young ages,” Ms Morgan says.

Ms Morgan emphasises that doctors should prescribe probiotics to harvest good bacteria after the use of antibiotics to help the gut recover and prevent gut issues that can become a lifelong problem.

25-year-old Brisbane lawyer Georgia Dight has struggled with digestive issues until recently and is just one of many examples of how antibiotics can destroy gut lining.

After doctors solemnly advised her to improve her diet and exercise more, she turned to a nutritionist as a last resort to solve her gut problem.

Her nutritionist discovered her poor gut bacteria were a result of the multiple times she was treated with antibiotics as a three-year-old and the fact that she was never given any type of probiotics to help her gut recover.

“I was shocked to find out it was because of something that happened so early in my life and that it could have been helped by something as simple as probiotics,” says Ms  Dight who is now trying to repair her gut though the use of various supplements and fitting nutrition.

Unfortunately, Ms Morgan’s therapies often get overthrown by her patients’ doctors because there simply isn’t enough awareness about the relation as of yet.

“I’ll recommend therapies to my patients and they’ll be taken to their doctor who will say it’s not necessary,” Ms Morgan says.

She recognises that doctors have more influence in the medical world, but would like to see them promote gut health more.

“I suppose as more studies are done as well there will be much more awareness about it and there’ll be more scientific evidence to back up how the gut does influence our health,” she says.

In addition to consulting patients in her health practice, Ms Morgan uses social media platform Instagram to spread awareness about gut health and to give people nutritional solutions for healing the gut.


“It can be something as simple as bone broth, which harvests gelatine that is important for increasing the amount of glutamine in our gut and help to heal up the gut lining.

“But when it come to antibiotics in young children, probiotics are simply the best form of treatment because they are the strongest,” Ms Morgan says.



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  • Georgia Dight 042788424




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