The 3 favourite podcasts of a newbie

After a good few weeks of enjoying the little beam of sunshine in my life called Online Journalism 1, it is not a surprise that I now enjoy podcasts. And by enjoy, I mean  I listen to them in my precious leisure time, when no uni work or crying babies are allowed to even be in the same room. Because, as it turns out, podcasts are fun, informative, refreshing and the perfect food for the brain. The advantage that you can also fold your Lorna Jane active wear and finally detangle all the thin and tiny necklaces in your jewellery box whilst listening to them, is just a coincidental pleasure.

So, as I am now  one of those people who rant on about podcasts to their friends and family, I thought it would only be fair to also share my favourite audio packages on my blog.

One of my good friends has been hassling me for months to get onto this podcast. This particular friend was insanely obsessed with Netflix documentary  Making a murderer and simply found this podcast when she was in desperate need of something to fill the Steven Avery sized hole in her life. In Serial This American Life journalist Sarah Koening takes you on a compelling emotional rollercoaster that is the 1999 Balitmore murder of Hae Min Lee. Koening shows excellent journalism in figuring out whether former boyfriend Adnan Syed has been locked up for life for a murder he did or did not commit. Koening cleverly plans out her own interviews, findings and phone calls with Syed to deliver her investigation in the most gripping way possible. Serial is extremely addictive, so please be warned.

Ted Radio Hour 


Being a lover of the conventional Ted Talks, I couldn’t help but dive into what the number one discussion and information platform in the world had to offer audio-wise. And again, they did not disappoint. The same type of talks, the same public sphere topics discussed by experts through excellent research, only this time for radio with a very charming host. Ted Radio Hour has a humongous collection of episodes and serves as the perfect companionship for long car or train rides.

Sleep with me


I’ll admit in all honesty, this last one is a bit of a gimmick rather than something I actually am passionate about. But hey, I am after all a girl who used to deliver her parents a personal hell every night before bedtime by making them read to me until they ended up falling asleep from exhaustion. And this podcast fulfils, in a slightly different way, just this task. If you’re even slightly as human as I am and sometimes find yourself tossing and turning in your bed when you’ve turned off your Netflix and put your phone on silent, struggling to put the day’s happenings aside, this podcast might be able to help you out. Scooter and his calm voice take you through stories that are just interesting enough for you to put aside your thoughts and listen, but the calm manner in which they are delivered will have you dosing off quickly. Sure, not every episode is as effective as the other. And if you have just blown the most important exams of your life this podcast might not be an instant band aid, but let me tell you, it really is worth a try. And it’s quite a humorous concept, when you think about it. I do also believe everyone can use a bit of a laugh in their lives here and there.

So, there you have it. My unqualified opinion on my favourite podcasts. I intend to add many more favourites to this list over the course of time. Because one things is for sure, ladies and gentlemen, podcasts rock.


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