Influence, audience and income through blogging

In the week 5 lecture for Online Journalism us students were payed a pleasant visit by blogger Nikki Parkinson.

As a successful founder and owner of her blog Styling You she came to tell us about how she got into the blogging circuit and that although blogging might not automatically sound like something you can earn money with, she told us that many people actually do.

To make all our fears of being a money making part of the big world wide web go away, she gave us a few important insights into how to run a blog.

Aside from telling us to embrace change, find our voice, find your niche and be persistent, she showed us that having a blog actually brings you many advantages like an audience, authenticity and most importantly influence.

Nikki explained how organic growth means engaged growth and that this is what it’s all about in the blogging world because it helps you gain a community.

Also very handy to know-and one thing I was in particular very curious about- are the many different ways you can actually make money as a blogger.

These appeared to be:

Income streams

Sponsored posts

Brand ambassadorship


Selling products or e-courses

Collaborations off the blog

Affiliate sales

Networking advertising

By the end of the lecture I felt very informed and I can’t help but admit that it also gave me a slight hope.

If, like any other young woman with a deep love for anything food-related, I was ever to pursue my dream (you know, the dream for when my serious journalism job doesn’t work out) I will definitely take these tips into account.

Nikki is a great example of a successful and influential communication professional who builds influence and establishes herself in the online world through her blog.


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