Trump himself is in fact the big baby

The scene has become an easy one to imagine. Just another republican rally in a Southern state in the US, the same renown billionaire turned presidential nominee, the usual type of Trump voting crowd and to top it off another ridiculous comment.

“Don’t worry about that baby, I love babies,” the Republican Party Presidential nominee responded to the cries of a baby at a campaign rally in Virginia this week.

Only moments later he turns his back on this seemingly loving comment  and kindly but surely requests for the baby to be removed. A laugh, a single surprised “ooh” and “ah” and most importantly: a big smug from the man who’s name we’ve all heard more than our own in 2016.

Now, when we look at the news covering from American media, like for example news giant Fox News, the happening is mainly covered as another comment by the man who the world  fears to become the next US president.

But for a news organisation outside the US, like the Australian ABC, the ridiculous comments made by this man are clearly reported in a lighter sense. The ABC closes their article about the affair with a humorous twist and showed people’s funny twitter comments. The ABC reminds us to not take this man too seriously and shows us what many people think,  that Trump himself is actually the big baby.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 8.26.56 pm

This comparison in news coverage shows that distance makes it easier us to bring humour into situations. And with a man like Trump, a laugh is what most of the world needs



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